Quarantine readings

Lately has become strange weeks to me and everyone around me. I spent three weeks between Semarang and Magelang for I was about to check on the new asset my company plan to purchase and getting a semi locked down since it is much better to stay at the city rather than travelling back to back from Jakarta.

For some reasons I manage to find, again, comforts in reading. On a serious note, I enjoy reading but a few years back I am trying to change my reading habits into something more meaningful for not only myself. Usually I read for fun, sometimes I want to read for learning. I have break down the lists on my twitter but here I want to write a much simpler recommendation.

  1. The evolution of desire. I am actually reading this book which is about various research on human mating that had ever been published. The author outline the structured idea with the support of the already exist research so readers will grasp the messages he is pointing out. It starts with the women and men preferences. It is funny that somehow the common logic always wins, maybe because they simply  portrait the human raw natures
  2. Girl, Woman, Other. This is a good novel and it raises timeless issues like how do feminist women have relations with men? How did women adapt over times or in a patriarchal world that was so massively believed. All the time, the construction of gender bias have become normal issues talk by women. People are growing over times, however, I do not understand why women in specific are still facing the same problems. With the beautiful narration written in a fiction form, this book is not only entertain me, but also remind me of the constantly same probs faced by women in society.
  3. Digital Minimalism. Again, this is a popular book which is suitable for people who want to reduce the use of social media. Or those who want lifestyles that don’t really often exposed to digitisation. the author himself is a professor in computer sciences so it should be pretty much describe the current circumstances well without adding unnecessary infos. Since I am not someone with an IT background, this book is quite giving me some inights I have never known before.

In the mean time, I am also considering reading the following books for the next two weeks:

  1. The age of surveillance capitalism. Briefly I got from reading its excerpt is this book maybe will answer why and how we readily give up our personal information for ‘simply’ the sake of business. In the end, our privacy must facilitate digital interaction and it also has capacity to change the economy.
  2. Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. With all the fuss of COVID-19, I am reminded of the book that had been a part of my piling lists back then when I was still a freshman, which is, abour 10 years ago. Everyone always says that swans are always white. This is an undeniable fact based on hundreds of years experiences plus even maybe researches. When the Australian continent was discovered, people discovered the existence of black swans. It turns out that indeed there is very rarely a black swan, one in a million. This discovery illustrates how insular we are in our observations and the vulnerability of science. All that is needed to prove the theory of the all white swans, is only a black swan.

I should say, I don’t do WFH. There are some days I am still needed to go to office. Things won’t be too strict in term of the government policy it seems, so as long as there are some cracks and the potential of employees to keep going for works, there won’t be WFH for me LOL.  Only I take a mental note that I wouldn’t be able to meet my family for the time being.


3 responses to “Quarantine readings”

  1. Seems like a really interesting reading list.
    Stay safe there! 🙂


    1. Hi, thank you. I wish you too. And I dont know if the books are the kind you might enjoy, but i shud say they are all interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Surely they come from different kind of genre from what I usually read. But who knows one day I’m gonna stumble upon one of them and read it. Happy (not so) stay at home. 😀


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